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Crazy Gander Coffee

Coffee means a lot of things to a lot of people -

  • It's a way to wake up.

  • It's a way to relax.

  • It's a thing to go do. 

  • It's an after dinner tradition. 

  • For some, it's all of the above!


We drink coffee -

  • Light, medium, dark.

  • Drip, Pour Over, Espresso, Cold Brew.

  • Iced Coffee, Latte, Cappuccino, Frappuccino, Affogato.

  • Coffee at home; Chemex, Moka, Nespresso, Coffeemaker, Instant.

  • Coffee on the go - grocery store, coffee shop, even airplane coffee!

​At Crazy Gander, we don't dabble, we down coffee like its our job...and so it has become a real focus for us. Though we give it all a try, when we find something we like, we know it right away. 

  • We use responsibly sourced coffee beans, rich and creamy roasts plus the flavorful ingredients to provide ‘exactly what you came for’ 


Crazy Gander Vibe

The energy you get with a Crazy Gander Coffee drink in your hand isn't just the caffeine - that's a Crazy Gander vibe that you feel.


From the fresh, vibrant, old Memphis bank building you enter to place your order to that funky bird you feel stalking you - our beverages, coffee loving staff, distinct snack combinations, café design, and products reflect a unique and consistent

Crazy Gander Coffee Company experience that will keep you coming back.


map and garage 2_edited_edited.jpg


Crazy Gander Flow

Crazy Gander Coffee is the fresh start for a day and the spot to regroup on break, recharge at days end or pause for intermission during the downtown adventure.

Our goal is to serve you that well crafted drink, tailored to your tastes by our engaged team, and have the food and beverages we serve become the missing piece of your day in Memphis.

M-F from 7-4
S+S from 8-4
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150 Madison Ave - Memphis
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